Oliphant Financial Case Study

Oliphant Financial

Oliphant Financial was utilizing a national cloud-based phone service for their call center. After experiencing repeated dropped calls, downtime and low functionality, they turned to Vaspian for VOIP phone service.

Oliphant Financial’s previous service was relayed over a third-party Internet service with no consideration of their customer needs, traffic or voice services.

Vaspian’s connection is tailor-made for Oliphant Financial’s needs and prioritizes customer service features to provide unmatched speed, call reliability and call quality.

Oliphant Financial immediately benefited from other distinctive features as well.

Features like our Click to Dial service and Integrated Collections Management System allowed them to make calls faster and with less error, increasing overall productivity by 30 percent.

With Vaspian’s Contact Center package, we include unlimited call recording and storage for free, providing customers with a simple and affordable means to keep pace with today’s ever-changing regulatory and compliance needs.

Call monitoring and call reporting tools allowed managers to monitor, whisper, barge and steal live calls when needed, whether from their office or at home from their tablet.

If you are dissatisfied with your current VOIP service, give us a call to learn more about phone and Internet services that are customized for your traffic and call volume.