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When you own a growing business, work can take you almost anywhere and regardless of where you are stationed, the ability to stay in communication with employees and customers is crucial. But how can you do that regardless of if you are at the airport waiting to catch a flight, at a meeting across town or at a new location that is still under construction?

The easiest answer is with a cloud based phone system. With multi-location integration and remote office features that keep you in communication with the rest of your company – no matter where you are – it is easier than ever to stay on top of your workload. Here’s how it works:

Centralized Reception

By consolidating all calls to into a single location, reception staff will be able to receive all incoming phone calls, freeing up the rest of your staff to work on their on-the-go projects. If a call comes in that you or another employee who is out of the office needs to take, Vaspian’s intercom system will allow your receptionists to forward it on to the correct individual, regardless of their location.

Remote Features

With a phone directory and the ability to log in and out of any phone with your extension, calls can be made and answered no matter where you are working from. Whether you are on the go with your smartphone in hand or working on your laptop at home, you will be able to stay in touch with remote features. One of the biggest benefits: You don’t have to log out of your work phone to log into another phone; Multi Desking allows you to log into up to ten devices on the same extension!

Whether local meetings have you in and out of the office all day or business trips have you missing important calls for extended periods of time, a multi-location phone system can help to ensure that you are connected when you need to be, regardless of your physical location. To learn more about this feature and others available through Vaspian’s cloud based phone system, contact our Buffalo, New York office at 1-855-827-7426.

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