Don’t Miss a Single Word: The Benefits of Call Recording

call recording for businesses

Regardless of the size of your business, providing quality customer service is of the utmost importance. And if your company spends a decent amount of time on the phone, one of the best ways to improve your customer service is by utilizing a call recording service. Much more than just a way to review your workers’ phone calls, there are many benefits your call recording service can provide.

Catch the Little Details

Be an active listener when engaging with customers via phone, skipping the note taking and giving them your complete attention. Instead of trying to write and listen at the same time, replay your phone call with call recording to jot down all the important information. Your customers will really appreciate the extra attention you are providing them while on the phone, and you will be able to review your calls as needed to ensure you have all the information right and can provide the best service possible.

Call recording can also help to reduce recording errors. Instead of scrambling to catch a phone number or write down the specifics of a business process, feel at ease knowing that you can check back after the customer hangs up for verification.

Better Understand Who Your Customers Are

Call recording can also be used to improve your company’s marketing efforts, allowing your marketing team to listen to calls to better understand who your customers are and how you can better market your advertising campaigns and products to them.

Knowing your customer demographic is a key component to your continued success and call recording is an incredible tool to use to obtain knowledge about your customers’ needs, behaviors and goals.

Capture Success Stories

There is no better feeling than having a customer call in to share their success story, and with call recording you can now save this positive message and – with your customer’s permission – use the happy review to market to others. By transcribing the positive feedback you receive from customers, you can learn exactly what your customers love about your business and give them more of the same.

You can also use this information in marketing campaigns and advertisements to spread the word to potential customers, helping your business to grow and succeed.

Quickly Share Information with Other Employees

As a customer, it can be really frustrating to have to constantly repeat yourself, whether it is each time you call in about the same request or complaint, or when you are transferred to another department. With call recording, you can greatly improve your customer service, sharing call information with your customer service department and other employees to ensure the customer you are working with has the best experience possible.

Whether you have to transfer a customer to another employee or would like to share information about your customers with your manager before you go on vacation, call recording is a wonderful way to keep everyone working on an account on the same page without making the customer repeat them self.

Provide Employee Feedback

Call recording also provides you with an opportunity to continually improve your customer experience by working with employees to improve the way they communicate via phone. Provide your team with regular feedback and spend some time highlighting improvements you have seen during annual and semiannual reviews.

Did you catch an exceptional customer service phone call while scanning through the week’s calls? Let your employee know how much you appreciate their hard work and save the call to use as an example for new employees to follow.

A simple and efficient way to find out what your customers need and how your employees are doing while improving your overall customers service skills, call recording is an asset that can assist almost any business. Vaspian offers an extension based recording service, allowing you to pick and choose what extensions you would like to record and archiving your calls for up to 365 days. With filters and predictive search technology, you can easily find the call you are looking to review, and call monitoring tools allow you to check listen in on phone calls as they are made.

For more information about our call recording and monitoring services, visit us online or give our Buffalo, New York office a call at 1-855-827-7426.

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