How Call Recording Can Benefit Your Business Long-Term

How Call Recording Can Benefit Your Business Long-Term

A successful business is always improving. Whether it be the services they provide or the way they handle their customers, each and every business should be pinpoint problem areas and look for ways to improve. It sounds like a lot, but thankfully, your company doesn’t need to make huge changes in order to achieve these goals. In fact, sometimes the solution is as simple as a well-documented phone call.

While often overlooked, call recording is an extremely handy and cost-effective feature that can help you find problems in your business and fix them, no matter your industry. Read on to find out how:

What is call recording?

First and foremost, we should cover what call recording exactly is. It sounds pretty straight forward—it allows you to record phone calls—but there’s actually more to it than that. Call recording can not only record each phone call and turn it into a digital audio file, but it can also store that recording in an archive where you can easily retrieve it, play it back, send it as an email attachment, and search for it using up to seven filters. Paired with speech analytics, call recordings can also be transcribed into text and searched using key words and/or phrases.

Improved customer service

So how can call recording benefit your business? First off, it gives you an opportunity to learn more about your customers and, as a result, learn how to better serve them. This proves especially useful in call center environments. By tracking information about your customer base, you’re able to connect with them better and fully understand how they’re using your product or service. You can then figure out what you’re doing right, what you can do to improve, and even make future value propositions.

Resolve legal disputes and issues

You may be wondering about the legality of call recording, but in fact, as long as your system provides an acknowledgement that the call is being recorded, then call recording is perfectly legal. It can even help your business’ legal team in the long run as this data bank of recordings will be crucial if your business finds itself in a lawsuit with an unhappy customer. Since the recorded call is considered a verbal contract, it will be counted as evidence in court.

Review details you may have missed

If you’re having a proper call with a customer or even a fellow employee, it’s important that you don’t sacrifice your active listening for a few illegible notes about the call. Call recording brings you peace of mind to give your undivided attention to the customer and what they’re saying at that very moment. Then you can ask follow-up questions to further the conversation and gather even more information. Once the call is over, you can then find your recording in the archive in order to review it and go over any key details you may have missed or forgotten.

Bring your team up to speed

Keeping everyone in the loop about a specific project or customer can be difficult. However, by using call recording technology, you can send over a recording of your call as an email attachment, letting everyone on your team listen to the call and go over any details. This will save you time by allowing the other members of your team to listen to the actual phone call instead of you having to remember to fill everyone in about what happened.

Clearly, Vaspian’s call recording features can provide your business with a serious leg up against the competition. From resolving disputes to keeping everyone in the loop, call recording is one technology that your business shouldn’t be without. To find out more about call recording, or the other features our VoIP phone system provide, then give us a call at 1-855-827-7426 today.

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