4 Ways a VoIP Phone System Can Improve Your Customer Service

3 Ways a VoIP Phone System Can Improve Your Customer Service

If the customer’s happy, everyone’s happy. This is the case for virtually all businesses. A happy customer will not only stick to doing business with you, but they’ll also recommend your business to friends and colleagues, growing your customer base. However, guaranteeing happy customers can be easier said than done. Some have high demands, others will simply never be satisfied with the work you provide, and other times your own team may make a mistake (as people are prone to do every once in a while).

Thankfully, though, there are ways to keep even your most stubborn customers happy. With a VoIP phone system, you can improve your customer service in no time. Here are a few ways how:

Find areas for improvement

It’s often difficult for someone to figure out their own areas for improvement, but what if they had something that could do it for them? There are several VoIP features that can help with this. Vaspian’s free management monitoring tools, for instance, can let managers listen in on phone conversations to determine how well an employee is performing with customers, then find areas that they need to work on. Call recording can also help by letting employees and managers review past phone calls to discover areas for growth and further training. Finally, with speech analytics, not only is each phone call transcribed into text, but you can also receive a Speech Analytics Score Card that scores how well you performed on a call.

Have the information you need at your fingertips with software integration

What if your phone system and your CRM software could work together? Well with software integration, that’s actually possible. Software integration works by having your CRM software and your VoIP phone talk to one another. After integrating both systems, you’ll see a “Click to Dial” option in your CRM which drastically decreases the chance of misdialing. Not to mention that when you receive a call from a customer, their information will automatically pop up on your screen just as your phone begins to ring. This makes it so that all of the information you need on a customer is right there in front of you, giving you the tools you need to help them with whatever issue they present.

Always stay connected

Great customer service means always being there for your customers, even when you’re out of the office. Voicemail to email transcription, for instance, allows you to read voicemails after hours or when you’re busy so that you can better determine what can wait till tomorrow and what needs to be addressed today. Additionally, Vaspian’s mobile phone twinning feature turns your cell phone into an extension of your business phone, ringing when your business phone rings and letting you return calls while out on the road. You can even hide your private cell phone number by masking it with your business phone number.

Use auto attendant to handle an influx of calls

Chances are you’re going to have multiple customers calling your business at the same time. Instead of putting them on hold (something that infuriates even the most patient person), why not let auto attendant handle it? Auto attendant provides an automated greeting to each customer that calls in; then, the customer is given a menu of options to choose from that can direct them towards the appropriate department. Auto attendant can even segment calls by the type of problem that needs to be addressed, ensuring that the caller is directed to the right person to help them with their unique problem.

Having top-notch customer service is essential to any business and having a VoIP phone can help make that a possibility. If you want to learn more about how Vaspian’s VoIP phone system can help your business succeed, then give us a call at 1-855-827-7426 today!

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