How to Break Down Your Call History Data

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An important part of the information overload we live in today is filtering out the useless and betting on the useful in order to project our actions for success. But what if that information you’ve shrugged off was more useful than you thought? Today we’re going to take a second look at your call history.

How to Get Started

Every month you probably get a long list of the calls made and received for your account, and immediately file it away. What good is a ten-page list of records if you’re not looking for one in particular? Well, there is some insight to be had by asking yourself a few more questions before storing your records away forever. Sometimes the best way to start digging for information is to ask a simple-to-answer question and go from there.

If we have a list of calls this month, one simple question would be “How many calls were made this month?”

From that question alone, you can turn pages of data into one meaningful number.

Breaking It Down Further

Now that we’ve answered “How many calls were made this month?” we ask the next logical questions that might follow: “How many calls were made each week?” “How many calls each day?” “How many calls each hour?”

From that overwhelming list of records, we can start to break down the information into manageable pieces and see trends emerge. Maybe you can now verify that Tuesdays are your busiest days of customer calls; that customers make the most orders via phone in the afternoon, but make the most billing calls before 11 am; practically nobody calls after 3pm on a Friday; employees aren’t making calls a half an hour before and after lunch time. Now, from that long list you’ve never given a second thought, you have actionable trends you can manage your business around.

By looking at your data in a different way, you can turn information you were previously disregarding into trends of your business’ most efficient operation. With a little more insight into the data you already have, you may be able to not only save money and time from employee allocation, but increase customer response and satisfaction.

That’s why at Vaspian we go the extra mile to take the data we already provide you, and allow you to view it several different ways to help you gain more insight and make better predictions about the direction of your business.

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