How to Have a Stellar Phone Interview

More and more companies are starting to interview potential employees through phone interviews.

Phone interviews allow companies to narrow down applicants, allowing them to do schedule minimal in-person interviews, saving them time and effort.

While they can have their challenges, there are many tips on how to have a successful one and set yourself apart from the competition.

Preparation Still Matters

Even though you don’t need to arrive early at a specific location, you still need to be prepared. You should give yourself plenty of time to prepare answers, find a quiet space, set out your resume in front of you, and so forth. Give yourself at least ten minutes before the interview to get settled before the phone rings.

You Should Still Practice

Don’t let the lack of a face to face interaction fool you. A phone interview is just as important and you still need to practice beforehand. Before the real thing, set up some time for a practice interview where you can rehearse your responses. Make sure to record yourself so you can listen back, hear how you sound, and make necessary changes.

Prepare a Cheat Sheet

The downside of an in-person interview is that you essentially have to memorize any of the important points that you hope to make during the meeting. With a phone interview, you can easily keep a cheat sheet with you with answers you’d like to use and points you hope to make. Just make sure that you don’t sound too rehearsed, as if you’re reading out of a text book.

Send Thank You Notes

When you are done with the interview, secure a good impression by sending a thank you note. You won’t be making any kind of physical impression, so a thank you note can help you stand out.

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