Tips On Upselling Customers Over the Phone

Every touchpoint you have with a customer is a unique opportunity to make it meaningful, and phone calls are no different.

Upselling is one such way to make this conversation pay off far beyond the time of the call. This skill should be developed and refined in your employees.

When conducting business over the phone, there is an art to finding a balance of upselling and not coming off as too pushy.

So, don’t let an opportunity to strategically upsell your customers pass you or your employees by without seizing it.

Here are some easy-to-follow tips on how you can upsell customers over the phone.

  • One great strategy to successfully upsell a product or service is tying it back to the customer’s original needs or purchase. Relevancy is the name of the game in upselling, so make sure to upsell products or services that either add-on to the original purchase, improve upon it or it could be grouped with.
  • Create product offerings with built-in limitations, so that customers essentially have to upsell themselves based on their needs and what’s available.
  • Don’t be pushy when upselling. Be strategic with how you present an upsell opportunity and ask for permission to go into details.
  • Take yourself out of the equation and focus on your customer’s needs and perspective. Would this product or service genuinely really help them in some way or be a good buy? If so, bring it to the table.
  • If possible, allow your customers to try your product or service you are upselling. This gives your customers a chance to be sure this is something they can’t live without.

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