Importance of Customer Service to Vaspian

If you are thinking about getting an office based phone system put in, it’s important to commit to a company that can provide you with on-site installation and can also help you with that system once it’s installed.

Vaspian can help you with project planning, on-site installation, and any future IT issues.

Most office based phone systems are complex, and many of them are pre-programmed with business intelligence data that is hard to understand if you’re not a professional in that field. If you make the decision to go with Vaspian, you will be assigned an account manager. The account manager will create a 10-page project plan in order to catch all of the details regarding your current set-up. In a sense, it is a “walk-through” before the network is rerouted to include a cloud based service system, customized for your company’s needs. Once the pre-installation has been completed, we will create a plan of action for on-site installation.

At Vaspian, we understand that your phone system will serve as the heart of your business and that you must remain online at all times for your customers.

Although we believe in the benefits of having a great phone system, we also believe in face to face communication, which is why our team will come and install your system in-person.

Having the ability to view the environment will help with training, as well as figuring out what future questions and concerns could be. If we are able to see what you are describing, it will allow us to communicate with you more clearly if you have to call us with troubleshoot errors or issues.

We also understand what it means to have onsite help when it’s needed.

If you sign up with us your business is located in a city where we don’t already have local support, we will prequalify and develop working relationships with IT service providers near you.

By doing so, we can bring you support as quickly as possible and ensure that you have ongoing local support with a company who knows their way around your custom Vaspian cloud based services.

Vaspian is here to help, and we want to ensure every step of the way, our customers remain informed and educated about their new networking abilities and how to use them effectively to increase productivity.

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