Importance of Speech Analytics

Vaspian is excited to share that we are able to offer a speech analytics service to all of our customers.

Speech analytics is used with our service, call recording. Since Vaspian can record all your company’s calls for 365 days, that means you will be able to essentially “google search” a whole year worth of calls which then can bring your business to the next level.

Our speech analytics offers the following features:

  • Built in sentiment tools to tell you if a customer experience was positive or negative
  • Ability to search data for any keyword or phrase
  • Agent and customer score cards that allow you to analyze your calls to pick up on trends and categorize calls

Statistics have proven that the call center and voice channel remains the number one customer interaction channel of choice.

It is important to have a record of your call center, and speech analytics can help you identify the details of each call.

Speech analytics technology used to be available only to big businesses because it cost over $250,000.

Vaspian has made it possible for small businesses to take advantage of this software at an affordable price.

With access to an automated transcription of 100% of your audio, you can tap into a goldmine of data that enables you to do so much to benefit your business.

Speech analytics will give you access to a powerful toolkit that will enable you to put the data from your call recordings to good use including:

  • Trending words and phrases will be listed automatically to easily identify reoccurring problems
  • A built-in sentiment analysis will clearly highlight both your happy customers and your not-so happy ones
  • Agent scorecards will clearly define how your people are performing, according to the parameters you’ve set
  • Customer Scorecards identify why they are calling and recognize potential sales opportunities

Speech analytics will automatically categorize your calls according to the root cause, including speaker emotion, silence time, agent ID, customer ID, site ID, and the other kinds of metadata.

With the additional extensions of your choice, you will have access to critical insights that can determine if your issues are related to people, process, technology or a combination thereof and have the tools to identify the most effective solutions.

Contact Vaspian today to learn how you can get speech analytics for your business.

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