How Cloud-Based Phone Systems Fit in Your Business

Which industries are better suited for cloud-based phone systems?

When looking at various options for your business, a reasonable question to ask would be: are there industries or types of businesses that are better suited to using a cloud-based phone system?

Any business has plenty to gain from moving their phone system into a cloud hosted provider.

There isn’t an industry type that cannot find superior value which is why, here at Vaspian, we see just about every type of business you could think of on our service. Phones systems, whether hosted in the cloud or on a server in someone’s closet, all support roughly the same functionality. However, cloud-based solutions have major advantages over premised based solutions and can support businesses with multiple locations, employees working from home, or traveling employees.

Cloud-based systems create a virtual environment where all employees, regardless of location, will have access and abilities as if they were on one large phone system because they actually are.

This is something premised based machines cannot do well. When they do attempt it, they become significantly more expensive than their cloud-based counterparts.

For businesses that have either single or multiple locations a main advantage is simply, economics. Hosted/cloud-based phone systems are a cheaper upfront investment.  The business doesn’t buy the server so the upfront costs are less with the cloud-based solution, and for this price, you usually get better redundancy and backups. For example, Vaspian runs two phone systems in the cloud that back one another up.  If one goes down, the other steps in and customers do not even realize the fail over has occurred. This option in a premised based system would be very costly but it is a basic capability of the cloud-based solution.

A cloud based solution has essentially infinite growth or contraction capabilities and because of this, the costs increase or decrease based on what is used.

Premise solutions all come in a box and that box has limits – exceed them (too many users for example) and you need to buy a new solution.

As time goes on and new capabilities are available, you will reach a point where you will not be able to upgrade a premised based system.

Just as many servers and laptops have, they will sooner or later become obsolete.  A hosted/cloud-based system does not suffer this indignity, when the hardware gets old, it gets swapped out.  New applications are integrated into the system as they are created and no costly downtime happens.

The most important reason for hosting your phone system in the cloud, (which makes it applicable to nearly any business) is that hosting your phone system with a service provider frees up some of your focus and energy.

Every business I can think of needs all the energy and focus that they can get. Premised based phone systems require you to pay attention to them because they use up these resources.  When you host it in the cloud, you don’t need to worry about how to keep it running, how to plan for future expansion or contractions, how to keep it up to date, and how to insure your employees are getting the best out of it.  All of these things will happen for you.

All industries can take advantage of cloud-based phone systems and there are significant advantages compared to premised based solutions.

Improved economics and freeing up your company from the distraction of operating a phone system will be immediate and infinite.
If your business is interested in learning more about how your business can specifically benefit from cloud-based phone system, Vaspian would be glad to help.

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