Medical Office Phone Etiquette Tips

A medical office is full of hustle and bustle, from patients and staff going in and out to phones ringing off the hook. Proper phone etiquette can help maintain an efficient flow within the medical work environment. So what can you do to make sure those incoming calls are handled as smoothly as possible?

Be timely

When patients call, they expect a prompt response. Try not to let the phone ring more than two or three times before answering. This will not only help you stay on top of incoming calls, but will ensure that the patient does not get frustrated. If you have to take a message, let the patient know when they can expect to hear back. Be realistic about the time frame you give so that expectations can be met and you won’t receive multiple follow-up calls from the patient.

Be kind

Kindness can go a long way for patients and can even turn a negative situation around. Simple things like asking a patient if it’s okay to put them on hold before actually doing so can make a big difference so the patient doesn’t feel ignored. Be an attentive listener and make the patient feel valued. And if you’re dealing with a disgruntled patient, maintain a positive attitude to ensure the situation doesn’t escalate.

Be clear

Your tone, volume, and talking speed play a large role in a patient’s satisfaction with the call. If you speak too fast or too softly, patients may become frustrated with the lack of good communication. But if you annunciate clearly, sound pleasant, and speak in a moderate volume, you’ll be less likely to experience misunderstandings.

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