Call Center Management Tips for a Stress Free Workplace

There’s no doubt about it – call center jobs can be stressful. Employees are tasked with finding solutions for customers for long hours every day, and some customers are irate, impatient and just plain rude. What’s more, call center employees are expected to remain calm, collected and professional at all times, never displaying a hint of annoyance. It can be tough on even the most relaxed people.

Here are a few handy tips for reducing stress in a call center workplace:

Environment matters

Make sure your employees have ergonomic workstations: comfortable chairs, desks and computer screens placed at the proper height, etc. This prevents eye strain, posture problems and other health issues, and ensures that your employees aren’t stressed out by physical complaints when they’re trying to do their jobs. But a stress-reducing office environment isn’t just about ergonomics. Pay attention to other factors like the amount of irritating background noise and the physical appearance of the office. A few plants can go a long way toward beautifying your office and making your employees more comfortable.

Get a move on

Exercise has been repeatedly demonstrated to be one of the most effective stress-reducers. Offer your employees the chance to do some gentle yoga and stretching during their workday, or encourage them to take a walk around the block during their lunch breaks.

Buy them a drink

If you offer free coffee, tea, sodas or snacks during the workday, you show your employees you care and it will offer opportunities for stress-busting socializing during break times.

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