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customer buying tendencies

One of the more frustrating experiences in a business is seeing good sales opportunities that are not closed.

We have all had our share. The potential revenue that was so close, but then lost, can be staggering. The good news for companies that make the majority of their sales over the phone:

There is now a way to go back to these opportunities and win.

Even better news is that it doesn’t take tremendous resources to accomplish this, and any business can do it!

Here at Vaspian, one of our customers has had just this opportunity. This company was making all of their sales over the phone, with sales representatives at all levels of abilities. Some of them were very effective, but of course some were just ok and some were rather poor at closing sales.

The company knew intuitively that many of the sales reps were leaving business on the table, but were unsure what they could do about the problem.

Since their sales were handled over the phone, the use of a speech analytics program allowed them to record all interactions. This database of call recordings offered them a gold mine to work with, but with so many calls, it seemed impossible to sit and go through them all looking for good opportunities.

This is where the ability to create search criteria and do real-time searches became a business -changing experience.

The company was able to create a specific database of calls from sales efforts that failed.

How? By searching for phrases that showed the prospective customer was willing to buy they could identify those folks. They them provided this list of “good” prospects to their best sales representatives to revisit and potentially sell. This system acted as an incentive for the good sales reps and also served as a training tool for new and weaker representative. These individuals were trained to better identify potential sales situation, honing their skills and improving their abilities for their next sales opportunity.

By reviewing the call text while hearing the actual conversations; all sales representatives received timely training on how to better handle their calls. And best of all, all of this was done in near real-time. As soon as a call was completed, it could be added to the appropriate database, searched and measured for a timely call back.

What better resource is there than the ability to call back on lost opportunities and make them into sales?

If your business is interested in learning more about how you can analyze your company’s voice data, Vaspian would be glad to help. Please give our Buffalo office a call at 1-855-827-7426 to learn more about our speech analytics program and how it can assist your growing business!

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