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Compliance is a formal and serious topic for every business. And for companies that handle most of their customer interactions over the phone, it is important to maintain a record of these calls to ensure that proper compliance is always being followed.

Here at Vaspian, many of our customers have faced high volumes of phone traffic with no clear knowledge of how well calls are being handled beyond anecdotal evidence and the feedback they receive from the employees handling the calls.

The biggest problem is that there are too many calls to sit in on, and even if you record all the calls, you still lack the staff hours to review them all.

There is also no mechanism to see what is happening in real-time where intervention could be both possible and necessary.

Some of our customers have found a way to answer these issues.

They record all of their calls and have developed key phrases and words to search for in them.

This provides them with a clear indication that compliance is being handled correctly – or that it is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Using speech analytics to review compliance can be as simple as searching for phrases used to ensure HIPPA compliance or the mini-Miranda used in the collections industry. It can also be the use to track vulgarity used by either the customer or the representative – the tools can actually separate the two on a given call.

Even the emotion that is present can be detected. This way, if a customer is exhibiting negative emotion, that information is reported in real-time, giving the manager a chance to reach out to the customer to help find a solution to their problem. Management can then work hand-in-hand with their employees, providing them with examples of how to handle calls like this negative one while the interaction is still fresh in everyone’s memory.

With access to 100 percent of call volume and the ability to search and organize all of it in near real-time, these companies have found a way to safe guard their businesses from harm while also developing a strong training tool for their representatives.

Just as importantly, they have done all of this as without spending an exorbitant amount of time or money.

Gone are the days where speech analytics tools were reserved for use by large enterprises. These technologies have now become part of cloud-based phone systems, allowing any and every company to take advantage of their capabilities.

If your business is interested in learning more about how you can analyze your company’s voice data, we at Vaspian would be glad to help. For more information about our speech analytics services and how they can benefit your business, please call our Buffalo office at 1-855-827-7426.

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