Speech Analytics: Revolutionizing the way we do Business

Speech Analytics: Revolutionizing the Way We do Business

Speech analytic technology is changing the way we do business by providing companies with accurate transcriptions of phone calls through the aid of several innovative features. These features include built-in sentiment tools, searchable data interfaces, and agent and customer score cards.

Here is how speech analytic technology is successfully being used across several different industries already.

Speech Analytics in Retail Banking and Collections

Banks operate on the exchange of sensitive information with customers daily, making the need for improving customer interaction monitoring a priority in today’s robust financial sector. Retail banks that invest in collections speech analytics and voice analytics software are able to better define and resolve customer problems, such as why they are choosing to switch banks or are unable to pay off a debt. Speech analytics also helps to tighten compliance and abide by rules regulating the protection of sensitive information. A Google-styled interface that catalogs spoken words enable banks to search for the data vital to enhancing the customer experience, build stronger, competitive services based on that information, and retrieve phrases that indicate compliance breaches.

The Future of Call Center Communication in Healthcare

Call center speech analytic technology is changing the face of healthcare as the world watches the industry transition from volume-based care to value-based, and with that, companies continue to look for new ways to improve upon the relationships between patients and their medical offices. Call center speech analytics prove particularly useful in instances where administrative-based healthcare services are immediately needed, such as in appointment scheduling, enrollment, billing issues, and insurance discrepancies. Patient insights tracked through speech analytic software help healthcare facilities understand their patient’s expectations and find sources of their dissatisfaction, while also reducing costs as employees and call center teams better meet their performance goals based on this feedback.

An Overall Enhanced Experience for Both Companies and Customers

When customers are happy, companies profit, and when companies profit, so do their employees. In unlocking the potential revenue provided by speech analytics software, these companies deliver a more tailored customer service experience based on adjustments made in employee training programs, corporate communication structures, and more. Companies who integrate speech analytics into their phone systems experience boosted morale through these positive changes.

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