Call Center Management: Speech Analytics will Save the Day. Here’s How.

Prior to the advent of speech analytics software, enterprises of all sizes had difficulty extracting information from phone interactions in their call centers. These companies had only three indicators to rely on for better content management of calls: energy, volume, and pitch. Within the last four to five years, the speech analytics market has experienced booming growth, with more businesses turning to this software for better call analysis.

The insights you will gain from employing speech analytics can greatly improve your business. Let’s look at the ways in which this technology will save the day:

Contact Metadata Key to Improving Performance

The Google-like interface built into speech analytics software helps agents to track things like agent, customer, and site ID, as well as catalog risky language throughout a phone call. These targeted keywords and phrases could be indicative of larger customer service issues, which you will want to troubleshoot right away. Through the detection of speaker emotion and periodic silence, you will be able to truly understand your customer. A better understanding will create an improved agent-customer relationship, and from this building of trust you will soon be able to close more deals with new customers, or sell more services to existing ones.

Reduce Call Center Compliance Infractions

Because speech analytics software has the power to deliver direct and instant customer feedback, call center management will be able to easily oversee the hundreds or thousands of caller interactions happening throughout the day. They will be able to search through records quicker for the information they are looking for, and this could prove extremely beneficial in instances where a compliance breach may have been committed. Speech analytics helps to accurately pinpoint these problems so that your call center is operating according to federal standards.

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