The Benefits of a Call Queueing System for Your Business

The Benefits of a Call Queueing System for Your Business

Any business will have their phones ringing off the hook on any given day. You’ll have customers calling in about a specific problem, manufacturers wanting to discuss a particular shipment, and even employees calling each other about certain projects. With so many calls coming in at once, it can be difficult to manage all of them in a timely and efficient manner. However, with a call queueing system, you can handle the influx of calls with ease. Valuable and simple to use, Vaspian’s call queueing system may be just what your company needs.

Improved customer service

If your business is frequently receiving multiple phone calls at once, you’re likely struggling to answer them in a timely fashion. A call queue, however, can help your staff provide better, uninterrupted customer service to each client. Call queues offer great advantages for any company that receives a lot of phone calls, especially for businesses with call centers that deal with customer service. If you are receiving a mass amount of calls at once, queuing technologies will give you the option to play a customized message to your callers. The message will alert callers that you’re aware of their call, but that a staff member is not yet available to take it. It can also notify them of their placement in the queue so that the wait is somewhat more bearable.

Easy and simple to manage

On the employee’s end, a call queueing system is remarkably easy to manage. Using Automatic Call Distributers, each inbound call is distributed to specific extensions across your company. Additionally, Vaspian’s web portal provides a real-time dashboard that helps employees keep track of all incoming calls. The web portal (or live dashboard) allows each employ to see how many calls are in the queue, the status of the other agents, what the average hold time is, abandonment rate, and more. This not only makes it easier to manage incoming calls, but it will also make your employees more productive in the long-run.

Call analytics to improve employee performance

As we said, with a live dashboard, you’re able to improve overall employee performance. How? Well, with dashboards, both employees and managers are able to check the live status of each call on the floor. This isn’t just a way to see how long you’ve been on a call, it also provides other very helpful information such as the number of calls in the queue, agent status, average hold time, maximum hold time, abandonment rate, service level, and more. Together, all of this information can help managers and employees determine how well they’re handling each call, and then target areas for improvement and further training.

Customized messages

At Vaspian, we believe that a VoIP phone system should be customized for a business’ specific needs. Our call queueing system does just that. We give you full control of the entire path of the call by giving you fully customizable on-hold recordings for each person. Plus, if your company has a busy season, such as the holiday season for instance, you can record a specific message to wish them a happy holiday and to explain why the wait may be longer than expected. Providing a reason for a wait is often much better than providing no reason at all.

Needless to say, a call queueing system can greatly impact your business. From improving employee performance to enhancing your customer service, a call queueing system from Vaspian is a must. Give us a call at 1-855-827-7426 today to learn more about our call queueing system and other VoIP phone services.

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