The Benefits of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ Technology

The Benefits of 'Bring Your Own Device' Technology

With the increasing prevalence of smartphones, we are becoming an increasingly mobile society. This is impacting businesses, where mobile workers will make up nearly 75% of the US workforce by 2020. Your business needs to keep up, but by using ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) technology—also known as Mobile VoIP—your business can compete in the age of smartphones. Here’s how:

Stay connected

BYOD uses a mobile app on your smartphone, allowing you to make calls and stay connected to your business anytime, anywhere. At Vaspian, we have a unique feature called “Mobile Phone Twinning” which allows you to answer your desk calls from your mobile phone, and vice versa. Plus, while traditional cellular networks have limited coverage areas, BYOD just needs a Wi-Fi or data connection, especially helpful for employees who telecommute or travel often.

Improve productivity

A 2016 study showed that by using custom apps, businesses improved their productivity by nearly 23%. By staying connected, you can save your employees serious time and effort, making your business more efficient overall.

Better security with turnover

When an employee leaves, you should make sure that your data doesn’t go with them. By using an approved mobile phone app with Vaspian, you can lock out former employees, securing your contacts, call logs, voicemails, and more.

Flexible hours

With BYOD comes a lot of flexibility. Employees can work from home or come to the office during hours that suit them. They don’t have to be in the office during peak hours, because BYOD will keep them connected, and ensure they can still take business calls if the need arises. Offering flexible hours is also a competitive advantage, because the added perk will attract the best and most talented workers.

Better serve your customers

Because we’re always connected, businesses need to be able to serve their customers’ needs 24/7. If a customer is having a problem, they should be able to contact someone no matter the time or day, without having to wait on hold for too long. BYOD can better connect you to your customers and ensure your service representatives don’t have to be tied to their desk to answer a call.

Ready to give BYOD a try? Vaspian has you covered. We offer mobile apps that will give your employees direct access to calls, text messages, online meetings, video conferences, and more, just with the power of their iPhone or Android. To get started, contact us at 855-827-7426.

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