The Benefits of Telecommuting

In recent years, the number of employees working from home has skyrocketed, growing by 140% since 2005. This is partly thanks to technological advancements like smartphones and the internet which have made telecommuting easier. But it’s also thanks to people realizing the tangible benefits telecommuting can bring to their business. Here’s how:

Working from home increases productivity

Most people think that if they work from home, they won’t get anything done, but that’s simply not the case. Telecommuting gives employees the ability to work on their own schedule, making them more productive in the long-run. There are also less distractions at home. That may be hard to believe with Netflix and YouTube at your fingertips, but at home you avoid the distractions of a loud and busy office environment such as water cooler gossip or excessive commutes.

It improves workers’ morale

80% of remote workers reported higher morale, leading to lower stress levels and overall better health. Part of this is because some of us don’t get along with our work colleagues, so by working from home employees avoid any unnecessary drama. Employees can also avoid commuting, which is stressful by itself. Long story short, by improving morale, you can improve the quality and quantity of your employees’ work.

Telecommuting lowers costs

By having less of your employees coming into an office, you’re saving money on office and operating costs. You don’t need as much furniture, cubicle space, or equipment if some of your employees work from home. Telecommuting also lowers employee absenteeism (either due to illness or poor morale), bringing additional cost benefits.

With new technology, it’s more efficient than ever before

A common fear in regard to telecommuting is that employees may be disconnected from what’s happening in the office. But recent technological advancements in internet and phone systems prevents this. With computers and a proper business phone system, employees can connect to co-workers, bosses, and clients all from home.

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