The Biggest Challenges Car Dealerships Face and How to Solve Them

Owning or working in a car dealership isn’t easy. Most customers walk in with a fair amount of skepticism and distrust towards you and your business practices. On top of that, you face the every day challenges that any kind of business would have to deal with (a bad economy, unhappy clients, a mix-up on an order, etc.).

But in order for your car dealership to succeed, you need to be able to combat these challenges. So here are some of the most common challenges your car dealership will face, and how to solve them:

A lack of transparency

Customers already distrust car dealerships. This doesn’t have anything to do with you personally, it’s just the reputation (true or false) that car dealers have earned over the decades. One of the things that will make this lack of trust even worse is if you lack transparency. The solution? Stay in constant contact with your clients by using a multi-location integration that will allow you to bring your contacts and calls with you, wherever you are. And don’t try to hide the bad news. Clients will appreciate you being honest with them, and then they’ll know you’re someone they can trust.

Inefficiency and slow service

If there’s anything people hate, it’s waiting. Sometimes, as a car dealership, you’re just overwhelmed with the number of clients, but more often it’s because of inefficiency. The best way to speed up the car buying (or selling) process for your clients is to acquire the right tools and technology that will make your employees more efficient. A call queueing system, for example, can help you manage a high volume of calls, while intelligent call routing can direct a client to their specific agent in no time.

Increasing competition

Car buying/selling is already an extremely competitive business, but recent economic trends are making it even worse. With rising interest rates, tariffs, and energy concerns, car dealerships are expected to have fewer sales, especially with newer vehicles. This means your dealership will have to compete against more businesses for fewer clients. Combat this by investing in marketing strategies such as a referral program or increased advertisements, and by investing in better technology and business practices. Using a liveboard dashboard, for example, will make your work more efficient and help you perform better customer service in order to keep and grow your base.

What all of these challenges have in common is that they can be solved using the right tools. This includes a proper business phone system. At Vaspian, we offer departmentalized phone systems for car dealerships, packed with features that can help you provide the best customer service. Give us a call today at 1-855-827-7426 to learn more!

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