Three Mistakes that are Driving Your Customers Away

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Besides the obvious mistakes like pricing issues or poor-quality products, there are other blunders affecting your company’s success and customer loyalty. It’s vital to be aware of these errors and correct them before they drive customers from your business.

Refusing to evolve

It is very common to become complacent in the way you conduct your business. If the strategy works, why would you think about changing it? Although it may seem like it’s working, it may be your downfall. With ever-changing customer preferences and frequent advancements in technology, your old ways will eventually become outdated and may not meet the needs and wants of your customer base. Updating your business strategy and having the ability to change will prove beneficial for your company no matter the industry.

Making promises you can’t keep

Any company would of course love to offer a guarantee to their customers that they’ll deliver, but you can’t make a promise that is undeliverable. Employees need to be aware that going above and beyond for their customers can be done without making promises they can’t keep. Give yourself reasonable margins to deliver to your client, no matter the product or service, and you will never disappoint.

Your phone service is failing you

When your customers call your business, they are expecting to be well-taken care of and find answers to their questions or concerns. However, it often happens that customers are driven away almost immediately after dialing your phone number. This is due to being unable to get through to your company, are forced to leave a voicemail, were put on hold one too many times or they did not receive a quality customer experience.

Don’t let your phone service be the cause of your customers’ dismay. With a cloud-based phone service that offers mobility, accessibility and intuitive features, Vaspian can help you retain your customer base, as well as reach out and satisfy potential customers. Give us a call at 1-855-827-7426 today to learn more about how call monitoring, speech analytics, failover services and more can improve your customer service and overall business communication.

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