Top Trends that are Influencing Call Centers in 2018

Employees Using Cloud Based Communication at a Call Center

Clarity, reliability and functionality have always been key elements in the call center communication strategy. This year looks to add improved analytics, reporting, social media and more to the list.

Call centers are beginning to utilize cloud-based communications to increase productivity and encourage collaboration.

Although cloud-based communications have infiltrated many business’ communication strategies already, 2018 is the year for call centers to fully adopt this advantageous technology. Improved internal communication can lead to growth in call centers, allowing for new locations to be tackled and accessibility to your phone system across several different devices. This trend can also lead to an increase in remote call center employees.

Social media is becoming another platform for businesses to communicate with their customers and gain a reputable online presence.

Many customers turn to social media as their main source of news and view it as the environment that they feel most comfortable communicating in. With that being said, call centers are taking to those platforms to offer another problem-solving outlet to their clients.

Call Centers are becoming more effective in tracking their customer satisfaction.

Call center phone system solutions are tailored to improve the overall customer experience. We are seeing better call reporting and analytic tools that can produce an all-in-one customer satisfaction measurement that proves beneficial when training new employees and reviewing your business’ strengths and weaknesses.

Enhanced speech analytics eliminates the need for physical monitoring and produces real-time updates.

Long gone are the days of supervisors manually observing employee phone calls and missing critical details due to the abundance of information needing to be monitored. Speech analytics are becoming more popular in call centers, providing features such as call recording, agent score cards, and the opportunity to leverage your phone calls to improve your overall business.

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