Three Reasons Having a VoIP Phone System Remains Important

VoIP Phone System

According to a PEW Research Center survey, adults cited the landline telephone as the second easiest technology to give up (social media being the first). And while this may have you thinking that voice communication is becoming less important, this isn’t true when it comes to the business world. Customers still need human interaction: Someone to provide an answer to their questions, assist them in scheduling their appointments and much more.

Your office landline may not be doing much for you, but instead of abandoning traditional voice communication as a whole we recommend switching to a VoIP phone service. A way to create greater flexibility, supply your team with better customer insights and provide your customers with a positive experience, VoIP combines human interaction with services like call reporting and wallboard.

Still not sure that a VoIP phone system is the right option for your business? Here are three reasons why you should give it a try.

Immediate Response

Whether you are dealing with a product error or are trying to sign up for a new service, it can be frustrating to wait for email responses or work your way through a confusing phone system trying to reach the right help line.

In a world that has become so automated, customers appreciate human interaction and the immediate answer or response that talking to a person can provide. With a VoIP phone system you can create an organized and well-connected phone system that is easy to work and makes your customers happy.

Business-Specific Features

From hospitality to medical, Vaspian’s cloud-based phone system offers a variety of unique features specific to your business needs. Handle your busiest hours with call queuing, view call stats on your computer screen and employ automated assistance when needed. The possibilities are endless when working with a VoIP phone system.

Multi-Location Integration

Gone are the days where you need to stay cooped up in your office to answer a phone call. With a VoIP phone system you can work from almost anywhere using your smartphone, laptop, table and home office phone to receive those important calls. These multi-location integration options will make your business more flexible than ever before, making it easier for you to stay in touch with colleagues and customers to get ahold of you.

To learn more about Vaspian’s VoIP phone system, visit us online or contact our Buffalo, New York office at 1-855-827-7426.

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