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Regardless of what type of company your call center is located within, it is essential that you are keeping an eye on your employees and their productivity during the course of any given day. With Vaspian’s call reporting and wallboard services, managers can gain a whole new level of control with the ability to review both live and previously recorded calls. If you are looking for a new way to manage your employees and gauge your productivity, you may be amazed by the capabilities these systems offer.

Call Reporting Functions

The reporting features allow managers to get detailed results on their teams and departments, or even assess specific call groups and queues individually to determine how well calls are handled within smaller divisions.  The “custom reports” functionality offers even further division, which offers the ability to view custom date ranges or even hour ranges and organize the report in a way that best suits your needs.

If you are unsure what information you want to retrieve, there are several pre-defined reports that are built into the system. Metrics such as busiest callers, the number of missed calls, top answers and the busiest hour of the day can help you identify your all-star employees and see when you have the greatest and least need for staffing to help you manage your overall workforce more effectively.

Wallboard Functions

Our wallboards give managers the ability to see what activity is occurring in your call center at that moment.

The board, which updates automatically without the need to refresh, is your live window into the goings-on of your center. This board is designed to show groups or individual employees and provides a live view of their status, current and average talk times, number of calls made and received and overall stats by team.

The best part is that these wallboards can be displayed on a publicly viewed television in the center so that the employees can see their call output and personal statistics right from where they sit. This is a great source of personal motivation and works well when running team or individual incentives to help drive your company’s productivity.

At Vaspian, we offer the most advanced phone and data technology and serve clients all throughout the Northeast from our headquarters in Buffalo, New York. We have the tools that can help your business increase its productivity and revenue, and our consulting staff can break it down in easily to understand terms to help you find the right products and services to make your operation run as efficiently and effectively as possible. Call us at 855-VASPIAN today to learn more or to get started.

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