Top Customer Complaints When Calling a Business

Angry woman on the phone on hold with a business

When a customer calls a business, they expect quick answers and a smooth transaction.

However, this is not always the case, and customers often end up having a subpar calling experience.

Below are some of the top complaints customers have when dealing with a business’ phone system and how you can resolve them.

“I just want to talk to a human!”

Customers typically call businesses with questions or complaints, but often they get greeted by a lengthy automated message and soon find they have no way to speak to a real person.

Getting more complex issues resolved by a robot is no easy feat, and many customers tend to hang up in frustration (about 67%, according to research from American Express!) when they do not have the option to speak to a real person.

Solution: Get your customers spending less time with automation and on-hold music. Why are your callers experiencing high waiting times?

  • Reports: Vaspian’s “Peak Calling Time” report shows each hour of the day on a weekly/monthly/ yearly basis. Finding a ‘peak’ time may mean inserting additional staff during those periods so you have more humans available for your customers to speak to.
  • Creating ‘rules’ within your network architecture with Vaspian so that no calls are ever on hold for too long or unanswered.

“I’m STILL on hold?”

If you have ever called a large business, you know what it means to be on hold for long amounts of time. Customers can be patient, to a point, in order to have their issue resolved, but eventually they give up when someone does not answer their call.

Solution: Vaspian provides customized ‘hold’ time allowing your customers to hear about your company and listen to promotions which cuts down the impatience.

Also, armed with Vaspian’s ‘Call Queueing Dashboard’ your managers will have live analytics on how many callers are on hold, this very moment. Should your customer hang up, you’ll also have reports and call logs showing your abandoned calls, and you’ll even be able to use the call logs to call your customers back!

“If I get transferred ONE more time…”

When customers call a business, they hope to speak to the one person who can tell them what they need to hear.

What customers cannot stand is getting bounced around between multiple representatives who cannot answer their questions. Being transferred repeatedly is extremely frustrating because a customer has to keep re-explaining their problems.

A survey from Consumer Reports National Research Center reported that 70% of respondents were transferred to representatives who could not help them with their issue.

Solution: Vaspian offers ‘ring group’ assignment allowing you to CHOOSE how your phone’s ring allowing you to ring a few extensions (maybe the most qualified) and then to everyone.

Auto-attendants can also be altered to allow highly frustrated customers to immediately transfer to a manager

“That person was supposed to be a professional?”

While of course you aim to employ only the most professional and experienced employees, sometimes you run into instances of poor customer service that is never acknowledged and therefore fixed for future interactions.

Solution: Your focus should be on top customer service at all times, which is where phone software, such as speech analytics can come in handy. You can record your calls and receive complete transcriptions of each to analyze and improve.

Vaspian offers speech analytics software and other top tier phone services guaranteed to turn your customer complaints into compliments.

Give us a call at 1-855-827-7426 and transform your business today.

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