5 Tips for Better Managing Multiple Retail Locations

5 Tips for Better Managing Multiple Retail Locations

The sign of a healthy business is having multiple locations. However, with more locations comes more problems—namely, trying to keep all of your locations and employees on the same page. Multi-location retail stores are fraught with miscommunication, causing even more problems than you started out with. The best way to fix this is to improve how each store communicates with one another. Easy and frequent communication will then make it seem like each location truly functions as one, cohesive business instead of multiple businesses all doing their own thing.

Set up multi-location integration

The first step to getting everyone on the same page is making sure they can be easily contacted. When you have multiple locations, the best way to do this is through multi-location integration. As the name suggests, multi-location integration means every location is tied into one phone system. All employees have the same three-digit extension, and in order to contact one another, all you have to do is put in someone’s extension, no matter which store you’re located in. It also helps manage call traffic. For example, if one location has heavy call traffic while another does not, then those calls are pushed to the other location. This can even be applied to auto attendants where a special menu can allow all sales associates, in all locations, to receive the same call.

Plus, not only does it let you access your phone system on any of Vaspian’s office phones, but you can also access it through our website or on your mobile device—a feature that is specifically useful if you’re traveling between store locations.

Have regular team meetings

In order to stay up to date on what’s happening at each location, make sure you sit down with your store managers regularly. This, of course, can be difficult when your store managers are spread out at different locations (locations that could be far apart, too). That’s why it’s best to invest in a conferencing call service that allows multiple people at several locations to join in a group call. For conference calls, you can have an unlimited number of people on the same call, plus you can use a permanent dial-in number, making it quick and easy to set up the call every time.

Use the cloud

Keeping your stores on the same page means making sure they can access all the information that they need. Storing business transactions, time tracking, employee scheduling, and customer information all in the cloud will make it easier for each store to stay up-to-date on any changes within the company. At Vaspian, even the information gained from your phone calls can be stored in the cloud using our cloud-based VoIP services.

Integrate your software

Another way to ensure that all of your employees stay up-to-date is to integrate your software, namely through CRM Integration. CRM Integration takes your customer database and pairs it with your business phone system. Say, for example, a customer calls one of your stores. Just as their calling, the information that has been collected by your other retail locations will pop up on your employee’s computer screen, giving them everything they need to know about said customer. Plus, CRM Integration also provides “Click to Dial,” reducing the amount of mis-dials and increasing productivity by 15%.

As an owner, make sure you stay in touch with each location

Owning a business with multiple locations means that you have to stay in touch with each location in order to better manage your business. This means you might be traveling between locations often. You’ll also need to be easily contacted if you’re at one location, but a problem arises at another. One solution to this problem is to invest in a softphone. A softphone allows you to bring your business phone anywhere, on any device that has a speaker and a mic. So, whether you’re at home, at a specific retail location, or on the road, your employees and customers can easily communicate with you at all times.

Want to find out more ways you can better manage your multi-location retail business? Then give Vaspian a call at 1-855-827-7426 today!

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