5 Ways To Set Up A Successful Conference Call

Successful Conference Call

Perhaps the only thing worse than a waste-of-time, unproductive meeting, is having such a meeting over the phone. Conference calls can be a fantastic way for businesses to get things done, but not if they are mishandled.

With some foresight, you can keep your conference calls from becoming events employees or clients avoid. Here are five ways to set up a successful conference call.

  1. Prepare

Like any good meeting, have an agenda and make sure everyone knows and adheres to it. This includes start and finish times. Any materials discussed on the call should be distributed to participants beforehand. Time wasted finding and emailing around documents and other items leaves callers cooling their heels.

  1. Use a Good Conference Call Service

Sure, there are several online conferencing solutions, especially for those who only infrequently need such a thing. If conference calls are a regular part of your business, our conference calling service is something you should seriously consider.

This service allows you to hold conference calls at any time without reservations, planning or extra costs. You receive a permanent dial-in number, conference code and PIN, which you and all members of your team can use whenever necessary. There is no limit to the number of staff members you can include on your call and no time limits.

  1. Ask Questions and Involve Everyonebusiness team at a meeting

Do not let conference calls be dominated by just a few participants. Ask questions of specific people and get their involvement. Asking participants to have specific material ready ahead of time, even if only brief answers, can help encourage active participation.

  1. Keep Notes

Even if your meetings are not required to have minutes kept, having someone assigned to take and distribute notes about the call is a good idea. This reminds all participants of what was discussed and what they may have committed to doing.

  1. Record the Call

Depending on the kind of material you discuss on conference calls, a recording of the call made available to any you deem appropriate may be a great benefit. Especially if your conference calls occasionally feature guests or outside consultants, participants may appreciate being able to listen back through the call for specific quotes or details. Our call recording service makes this option available as well.

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