Is Faxing Dead? Not So With Vfax – Fax To Email

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It would be a great challenge to find a phrase in modern business that induces more eye rolling than, “No, you can’t email that. You have to fax it to us.”

If your office has been around long enough, you may have a fax machine or some piece of combination equipment, like a printer/scanner that will also fax. One of the greatest obstacles to having and using a traditional fax setup is a simple one: a dedicated phone line. If you find yourself only seldom needing to fax anything, it may be a real pain to pay for a second phone line–or worse, to try to use your busy primary line for faxing.

However, there are certainly still businesses that rely on fax. This is especially true in the realms of government, law offices, banks,  financial institutions, and the like, where copies of signed documents have so long been a crucial part of the business. While many are getting on board with sending and accepting scanned copies via email, legacy systems make the wheels of progress turn slowly, in some cases.

Therefore, you find yourself needing to “fax” things from time to time. Fortunately, Vaspian has just the solution for you.

vFax allows customers to send or receive faxes by email. Every account gets their own telephone number and is associated with your email account. It does not matter if you have an existing phone number or if it is a toll free number. There is no additional charge. We make the service cost friendly, and one of the best features is the unlimited number of inbound and outbound faxing available to you.

You can also send faxes from the Desktop using vFax portal, which is integrated with Outlook and works with any email client.

Do not let incompatibility with a client or government office stop you from doing business. vFax can be set up in minutes. Give Vaspian a call at (716) 961 2120 to learn more.

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