Archiving Your Calls Protects Your Business

Many companies have mixed feelings on whether or not they want to record their phone calls. Some companies want to be able to look back and find calls whenever they need them and other companies don’t see it as a priority. However, there are plenty of benefits that come with archiving your calls, from improving and protecting your business to having new ways to train your employees.

Vaspian has call recording and monitoring solutions that will allow companies to pick and choose what extensions they would like to record. The calls recorded will be archived for an entire year following the initial call. You can also customize call solutions to fit your company’s specific needs.

Measure Employee Success

Although some customers might see call recording as an invasion of their privacy, it really can encourage your employees to perform better while on the phone with customers.  First off, your employees are going to be encouraged to do their best if they know their call might resurface. If you record the calls that happen between employees and customers, you can keep track of how your employees are preforming and measure their success more easily. If employees aren’t doing well, you can provide them with workshops that might help them to improve their skills. If employees are doing well, you can provide them with rewards on occasion to keep encouraging good customer service. As well as monitoring employees’ performance, you can use old calls for training current and new employees. These calls will offer real life situations that the company as a whole can learn and grow from.

Clear Up Any Disputes

We are all familiar with aggravated customers and we all are constantly thinking of a better way to respond to them. Recording your calls will allow you to prove customers right or wrong, in a fair way. For instance, if a customer claims that they were offered a free service by one of your employees but your employee denies it, you will be able to go back to that call and see if that was really offered. If a customer has an issue with a certain employee and calls to file a complaint about them, you can gain access to the conversation that customer and employee had and see if the customer’s complaints were justified or if they might be aggravated by something else. With this feature you will be able to provide a better perspective on customer service. You will be able to listen to these conversations and see how to provide better customer service in the future and how to conduct a more consistent response base so there are less confusion and upset customers in the future.

Discover Customer Needs

Call recording and monitoring can also allow you to measure what your customers’ needs are. You can find out why customers are calling customer service consistently. You can identify what services or products people are typically asking about or looking for. You can reveal all the different questions your customers want to know about your services and/or products. These points are just several among many where call recording would allow you to better serve and understand your customers.

Archiving your calls will help you track data analytics, better your customer service, protect yourself legally, and continuously improve your business. To learn more about these services, visit Vaspian’s website.

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