Call Centers Matter to Customers

If you have ever been a customer calling to discuss an issue with a company, you likely understand the frustration of not being able to speak to someone on the phone about it.

Many of us call a company with the hope of speaking to an employee on the phone.

When we aren’t able to reach someone on the phone, we become irritated with the company in general.

Many businesses are starting to shift their customer service focuses onto other technologies. They are responding to customer complaints or concern through instant message services or website question and answers. Although these methods can be great alternatives and are growing more popular, customers have made it clear that they prefer phone-driven customer service. Customers are happier if they are able to talk to on the phone, regardless of what other options are available to them.

A reliable telephone system is the most important customer service channel your company can have.

Consumers are still picking up the phone in search of customer service.  Forrester, a market research company, found that 73 percent of consumers choose to call into a call center before they do anything else, making the telephone the most used customer-service channel. Although social media has become a sounding board for unhappy customers and many companies are focused on responding to those inquiries, customers are still 11 times more likely to complain by phone.

Companies that do have functioning call centers and provide great customer service because of them often earn up to 1.6 trillion dollars more than competitors.

Due to the massive amount of people that are still choosing to call companies, it is extremely important for businesses to have call centers available to them. You should have a reliable phone system that can help manage your phone calls, record your phone calls, and help you to analyze them to improve calls as well.

A call center will allow you to respond to customers in a timely matter through the outlet that customers prefer: the telephone.

Having a reliable phone system is vital. Vaspian can provide your business with an innovative and reliable cloud based phone system to ensure that you are giving customers what they demand, a reliable call center with great customer service on the other end of it.

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