Clarity, Reliability and Functionality Make VoIP the Right Choice for Call Centers

VoIP for Call Centers

There are few – if any – things more important to a call center than the phone system in use, and when it comes to choosing a phone system the three most important features to consider are clarity, reliability and functionality.

With clear calls, a system that will keep you connected at all times, and features like call recording and call reports, VoIP is a great choice for any call center.


When you call in to speak to a customer service representative, there is almost nothing more frustrating than being unable to understand what the person on the other line of the phone is saying. Clarity is a must when it comes to your call system’s phone system, both for your employees and the customers on the other line.

Vaspian’s connectivity solutions and hardware options help to ensure that all calls come through clearly, helping to ensure the best possible experience for you and your customers.


Another important factor to consider – especially at a call center – is reliability. Your whole job revolves around having phones that work, which means that downtime can cause major problems. Luckily, Vaspian’s VoIP phone system offers Automatic Failover.

This means that if you have a carrier outage, your phone service will automatically switch over to the backup internet connection we have put in place. Often costing less than $100 per month for a secondary Internet provider, a failover system will keep your business up and running regardless of what carrier troubles you experience.


More than just a phone system, our VoIP service provides you with incredibly useful features like call monitoring, call queueing and call recording. Used correctly, these features can provide a boost in performance that will assist your employees in getting through their workloads faster and more efficiently.

Functionality features can also provide you with plenty of useful data, showing you when your busiest hours are and what staff members are handling the most calls and responsibilities.

For more information about Vaspian’s VoIP phone system and how it can be used to improve your call center, give our Buffalo, New York office a call at 1-855-827-7426.

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