Benefits of a Call Queueing System for Businesses

Vaspian has a call queueing system that is simple for businesses to use and can provide them with valuable information about incoming calls.

If your business is often receiving multiple phone calls at once and you are struggling to answer them, a call queue can help your staff provide better and uninterrupted customer service to each client.

Call queues offer great advantages for any company that receives a lot of phone calls, especially for businesses with call centers that deal with customer service. If you are receiving a mass amount of calls at once, queuing technologies will give you the option to play a customized message to your callers. The message will alert callers that you know their call is being received, but that a staff member is not yet available to take it.

Our queue is easy to manage and set-up with minimal hassle.

You can also set up the call queueing system to let callers know what their place in line is, giving them a better idea of their estimated wait time. Many businesses are implementing call queueing systems to better manage their busy periods. If you put yourself in the shoes of your customer, you can understand why they might respond well to a message letting them know that they are being accounted for.

Vaspian’s web portal provides a real-time dashboard (Queue Live-Board) that will also serve as a benefit to employees and provide them with the tools they need to better serve customers.

Employees will be able to find how many calls are in the queue, status of other agents, what the average hold time is, abandonment rate, and more. If your company has a busy season, such as the holiday season for instance, you can record a specific message to let customers know why your calls are coming in at a mass volume. Your customized message could say, “Due to the holiday season approaching, we are experiencing a mass volume of calls. Thank you for your extended patience.”

Below is an example of the real-time Queue Live-Board and how it would appear to employees:

Benefits of a Call Queueing System for Businesses

A call queueing system will not only better serve your customers but it will help improve job performance as well.To learn more about our call queueing system, contact Vaspian today.

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