Personality Traits for Call Center Candidate

Call center agents are often the first and last line of defense in maintaining and growing a customer base, which can make or break your business. A negative customer service experience leaves a longer lasting effect than a positive experience, so it is very important that the customer feels good about the interaction they have with someone in your call center.

Here are some of the qualities that make a great call center candidate:

Positive attitude

A call center agent will deal with all kinds of people, so the agent must maintain a calm, collected, and pleasant demeanor no matter what the situation is. People are often calling to address issues that they are having with an item they purchased, which can be very stressful to deal with. If an agent responds optimistically, assuring the customer that the problem can be resolved, the customer will be more likely to view the solution as painless and thus will be happier with his or her overall experience.

Effective communication

Often when an issue arises, customers will be flustered and unsure what is going wrong. In those instances, it is critical to be as clear as possible, from word choice to annunciation to volume. When a call agent is able to simply explain something that is overwhelming the customer, that person will feel relieved, which can instantly turn a tense situation into a constructive and reassuring one.


A call agent should know the business inside and out and they should be a quick and creative thinker who can handle high-pressure situations. An agent is likely to receive calls about unexpected issues, or face surprising obstacles during the troubleshooting process. Being able to work through these problems successfully is one of the best ways to ensure that customer will continue doing business with the company.

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