Rethinking the Conference Call

Employees on a conference call

Does your company have employees who work remotely? Or do you have different locations scattered throughout your state or across the country? If so, one of the best ways to ensure all of your employees are on the same page is by holding regular conference calls.

There are many third-party conference calling services that could do the job, but they won’t be able to provide you with all of the benefits that come with working exclusively with a company like Vaspian. Check out a few of the advantages you will enjoy when you sign up for our conference calling service.

Employees will have a permanent dial-in number they use all the time.

There are some conference calling services that will give you a different dial-in number every time you set up a call. This has the potential to create confusion among your employees that aren’t aware what the conference call number is, which could result in miscommunication and employees missing meetings.

You’ll be able to include as many employees as you want during a conference call.

It doesn’t matter if you need to have one person to call in for your conference call or 100 people. When you work with a reliable company like Vaspian, you have the ability to host an unlimited number of conference callers at one time.

Reservations will never have to be made for a conference call.

Many conference calling services will require you to reserve a number for calls. They will also put a limit on how long your calls will list. There’s nothing worse than having a productive meeting and then realizing that you’re on a tight time limit. Skip the hassle and start holding meetings that end on your terms.

You won’t have to worry about people using confusing web technology to jump on a call.

Other conference calling companies require customers to use web technology that can be confusing to set up. As a result, half of your meeting could be spent making sure your employees are able to access the call. The services provided by Vaspian allow your team to simply call into your permanent dial-in number and start your meeting on time every time.

At Vaspian, our goal is to increase efficiency and productivity at your business. In addition to providing you with this beneficial service, we will also set you up with conference calling capabilities at no extra charge when you arrange to use a Vaspian phone system. Find out how your business can take advantage of our conference calling services by calling 855-827-7426 today.

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