What is VoIP?


For business owners looking into their phone service options, VoIP is a word heard frequently. A service that has been around for longer than you make think, VoIP continues to grow in popularity thanks to the flexibility it provides and the unique array of services it can offer.

But what does this combination of four letters even mean?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, meaning that this phone service sends your calls over the Internet via your IP network.

As you speak into the phone your words are converted into data packets that are routed across the web just like articles, emails and all other data is.

At the other end of the phone data is reassembled back into the sound of your voice for the caller to hear. All of this happens in a split second and the only thing needed to have the service installed is a broadband Internet connection.

One of the biggest benefits to VoIP is that with the right service provider and equipment, you can connect from almost anywhere.

Vaspian’s cloud-based VoIP system allows users to connect using their office phone, cellphone, computer and tablet. An incredible asset for companies and individuals looking for a bit more flexibility, VoIP makes it easier to keep everyone connected even when on the go.

Best of all, Vaspain provides additional features like call recording, speech analytics and call queueing to help your company better service its customers.

To learn more about our VoIP phone service and the features it includes, visit us online or contact our Buffalo, New York office by phone at 1-855-827-7426.

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