Boosting Morale in Your Call Center

If part of your business is operating a call center, you probably find it challenging to engage the employees that work within it. Working in a call center can be tolling; you’re constantly talking on the phone, dealing with all kinds of customers, and sitting in one set position.

However, working in a call center is a valuable position to hold. Your call center is a direct reflection of your customer service which can make or break a business. The employees working within your call center should look forward to coming to work on a daily basis and it’s your job as management to ensure that.

Consider making a few changes that will help boost morale among your call center employees.

Encourage Relationships

In a call center setting, employees have very limited opportunities to talk with one another and form relationships. Consider putting a “tradition” in place to encourage employee relationships, such as doing a large breakfast once a month.  Having the office come together once a month will encourage employees to get to know one another and give them opportunities to connect which can result in a better working environment overall.

Get a Bit Personal

Working in a call center can be a very impersonal job. You are often working alone and not as a team. Employees in call centers often feel removed from other people around them. It is easy to become a “statistic employee” in a call center. Consider making call center positions more personal for employees by throwing them celebrations for birthdays, work anniversaries, or expectant parents, and so forth. This will help employees see that their place of employment recognizes them as a person too.

Acknowledge Efforts

Working in a call center can be a bit of a thankless job. You might talk a customer off the edge, but that customer is not likely to thank you for it. As management, you should pay attention to the people that are producing good results in your call centers and acknowledge them. A personal, hand written note is a small gesture that can make someone feel appreciated and continue to perform well.

Small Rewards Matter

Not all businesses have an endless budget to provide employees with rewards, however, it is possible to rewards employees with limited funds. You can provide something small, from a piece of candy to a stress ball, and give it to employees as a bit of a “pick me up.” These small gestures won’t cost very much but they will show employees that you appreciate the work that they put in every day.

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