Industries that Benefit from Vaspian Phone Systems

Is your business looking for an upgrade? Regardless of your industry, Vapsian can provide you with an innovative and reliable cloud based phone system.

With features such as multi-line phone systems, multi-location integration, remote office access service, call monitoring and recording abilities, Vapsian’s services are useful to all industries.

Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry can certainly benefit from Vaspian’s telephone systems. Our easy-to-setup system needs very little on-site support and it keeps things simple and affordable when you need your phones working at all times. When staying at a hotel, guests expect services and amenities. Vaspian can provide a whole host of industry specific features, including check-ins and check-outs, guest WiFi management, room specific billing, cloud based surveillance systems, and web-managed wake up calls. We also offer long range, cordless handsets to provide fast, efficient maintenance, cleaning, front desk service, and all communications.

Medical Industry

Reliable communication can be a matter of life and death in the medical industry. It is important to make it vital that your phone system can keep up with the unpredictability of a medical setting. Vaspian allows for mobile functionality, boosting productivity because employees are able to multitask with mobile headsets and handsets. Vaspian’s vFax service allows medical records to be transferred to other offices in compliance with HIPPA. Voicemail to email makes it easy to manage prescription refill requests and other messages.

Call Centers

For call centers, clarity, reliability, and functionality are essential. Vaspian’s solutions are tailored specially for the high call volume and clarity demands of call centers, with features to make calls faster and more effective. Our system features an automatic failover along with ensuring reduced or eliminated downtime to keep your business running smoothly. Our call reports allow you to see the busiest hour and busiest staff member, and build other reports that managers can use from any device.

General Business

We provide 99.99% uptime and redundancy to ensure your connections are constantly supported. You can work from home and access the same features you use in the office, including services like call recording, reporting, monitoring, cuing, transfers and more. By synchronizing your internet and phone connections, we integrate your phone and your computers, allowing you to answer calls, interface with clients, and organize communications online.

Visit Vaspian for more information on how our systems can benefit your industry.

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