How Busy Receptionists Are Hurting Your Business (And How to Fix It)

As your business grows, so does the number of phone calls you receive. Most businesses rely on a receptionist to handle all of their incoming calls, but there’s only so much they can do. Sometimes, so many calls are coming in and a receptionist is forced to keep the caller on hold for a lengthy period of time. This can seriously hurt your business, as customers will only stay on hold for so long. And if this becomes a recurring problem, you may lose their business entirely.

If this sounds familiar, then it’s time to get your busy receptionist some help. By upgrading your business phone system with these key features, for instance, you can ensure that every call is answered.

Auto Attendant

Having an automated attendant to answer and transfer calls will relieve a huge burden off your receptionist’s shoulders. An auto attendant will ensure that the customer reaches the right person far faster than they would before. It can also route calls to your smartphones, landline phones, and other phones in other locations, ensuring that you never miss a call and that customers always reach the person they’re looking for.

Call Queueing

When things get really hectic, a call queueing system is a must. These play a message to callers, letting them know that a receptionist is dealing with another customer, and informs them of their place in line. This gives customers a better idea of how long they’ll have to wait, making them more willing to do so. It will also keep staff more organized and efficient by providing real-time information on their computer screen. They can see everything such as how many people are waiting, how long they’ve been waiting, and the overall abandonment rate.

Ring Groups

Also known as call hunts, a ring group will ring everyone in a specific group when a customer dials a particular extension. This will make it easier if a customer needs to contact multiple people. So, instead of your receptionist gathering and tracking everybody down individually, the call is sent directly to all those people, cutting down on a customer’s wait time.

Intelligent Call Routing

An intelligent call routing system can identify a specific customer as they’re calling and then provide a receptionist with all of the necessary information your company has on them. This makes it easier for your receptionist to find the right agent to address that customer’s specific needs, not to mention that it also cuts down a customer’s waiting time as they will no longer be tossed back and forth between agents.

By helping your receptionist, you’re helping your customers. So why not get a top tier business phone system to address your receptionists and customers’ needs? At Vaspian, we provide these key features and more to help your business succeed. So give us a call at 1-855-827-7426 to learn how we can transform your business today!

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