The Best VoIP Features for Government Offices

The Best VoIP Features for Government Offices

“Bureaucracy” is not a word that inspires many good feelings. Just the sound of it conjures images of long lines at the DMV and documents farther than the eye can see. As much as we need it, the idea of dealing with our government bureaucracy is something few look forward to. Inefficiency abounds, and people, both citizens and government workers alike, know this all too well.

However, there are ways to make things better. By equipping government offices with innovations such as VoIP, they can cut down on the time and waste that bring so much ire from citizens. Here are just some of the ways a VoIP phone system could benefit your government office and municipality:

Manage an influx of calls with auto attendant

Your government office is bound to get a lot of calls, especially if you’re a local representative whose constituents want their voices heard. Hiring an army of secretaries to field these calls just isn’t possible (especially when you’re working with a limited government budget), so why not let technology do it for you? With auto attendant, every constituent who calls your office will be met with an automated greeting that provides them with a menu of options to choose from. This will not only deal with each caller your office receives, but it can also redirect your callers to the appropriate representative in your office that can help them with their problem.

Get multiple people on the line with conference calls

Working in the government means that there are a lot of other departments and municipalities that you have to deal with on a daily basis. Whether it’s a Congressional representative or a member of your local police force, you’ll need to talk with a wide variety of people that are likely spread out across the country. In that respect, having the ability to create conference calls with multiple people is a must. With Vaspian’s conferencing features, you can have an unlimited number of members on a call, a permanent dial-in number, and more, all free of charge.

Take surveys and handle problems with ease with call recording technology

A big part of government work is taking surveys and polling your constituents to see what they’re thinking. These are mainly done by polling organizations who will need a thorough record of what was said in order to get accurate polling numbers. This can be done with call recording technology, a feature that can provide a full transcript of any call which is then stored in an easily searchable, online archive.

Not only that, but by providing a full record of what transpired and when, call recording can help prevent and/or resolve any problems or lawsuits that may arise. This is practically a necessity in government where lawsuits, complaints, and other problems pop up on a daily basis.

Stay in the know with a Vaspian softphone

Not all government workers stay in their office. Many have to travel frequently, whether it be across town or across the country. In that respect, it’s necessary for individuals to be easily contacted whenever they’re traveling to or from a certain place. A softphone provided by Vaspian can redirect calls from your business phone to your smartphone (or any device that has a speaker and mic), ensuring that you can be contacted wherever you are. Additionally, a softphone can do practically anything your business phone can do, including rerouting calls, masking your caller ID as a business phone, managing contacts, and more.

What our customers think

When it comes to government offices, we believe a VoIP phone system provided by Vaspian can transform how your municipality is run. But you shouldn’t just take our word for it. Listen to what one of our customers has to say about what Vaspian has done for them:

“Our previous configuration consisted of two separate phone systems, an ESI system for Taneytown City Hall and a Toshiba system for Taneytown Police Department. Neither of these analog systems had any form of interconnect. This posed a multitude of issues with interoperability between the two locations, along with physical system constraints that prevented us from properly managing those systems and communicating effectively. These issues paired with the relatively high cost of each line made it very clear we needed to upgrade.

After switching to Vaspian, we were able to unify both locations under a single system and scale our resources to any size we require in a very seamless and cost-effective manner. We’ve taken advantage of the wide range of features Vaspian provides to integrate voicemail and fax with email. Allowing users to send and receive faxes via email has subsequently increased security by reducing exposure of critical infrastructure. We no longer depend on unreliable, expensive, and cumbersome end of life hardware to provide services to the citizens of Taneytown.

Using Vaspian has streamlined many internal processes and eliminated various pitfalls in our previous setup.”

  • Jacob Gruentzel, City of Taneytown

Government work is long and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. With a VoIP phone system from Vaspian, you can make your government office run quickly and smoothly. Contact us today at 1-855-827-7426 to learn more!

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