How to Reduce Customer Wait Times

customer left on hold

Regardless of what industry you are in, one thing will always remain the same: no customer wants to be left waiting. We have all called a company with a simple question or request, just to be put on hold and transferred from department to department. And there is absolutely nothing more frustrating. So how long […]

Industries that Benefit from Vaspian Phone Systems

Is your business looking for an upgrade? Regardless of your industry, Vapsian can provide you with an innovative and reliable cloud based phone system. With features such as multi-line phone systems, multi-location integration, remote office access service, call monitoring and recording abilities, Vapsian’s services are useful to all industries. Hospitality Industry The hospitality industry can […]

5 Ways To Set Up A Successful Conference Call

Successful Conference Call

Perhaps the only thing worse than a waste-of-time, unproductive meeting, is having such a meeting over the phone. Conference calls can be a fantastic way for businesses to get things done, but not if they are mishandled. With some foresight, you can keep your conference calls from becoming events employees or clients avoid. Here are […]

Don’t Miss Calls Just Because You’re Away from Your Desk

businessman on phone

If you are always on the go – meeting with clients, attending conferences and working on projects with coworkers – it is easy to miss phone calls. And whether you have potential clients, customers or coworkers calling you, you don’t want to leave them hanging. Luckily, with a VoIP phone system, you don’t ever have […]

Four Ways Telecommuting Helps Both Employers and Employees

man working from home

In recent years, more and more companies have experimented with the idea of telecommuting; allowing employees to work from the comfort of home full time or part time. Wondering what benefits telecommuting can provide your company? Here are just a few of the biggest reasons businesses switch to telecommunication: Increase Productivity According to a Stanford […]

Ensure Productivity Regardless of Where You’re Working From

business man on cell phone

When you own a growing business, work can take you almost anywhere and regardless of where you are stationed, the ability to stay in communication with employees and customers is crucial. But how can you do that regardless of if you are at the airport waiting to catch a flight, at a meeting across town […]