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Softphones: Business Equipment for $1

July 15th, 2019 | Posted by Vaspian

You read that right. A softphone provided by Vaspian costs only $1 per month—a remarkably small price for something that can absolutely transform your business. But what exactly is a softphone? And how can it transform your business? Here we’ll break down what exactly a softphone is, the features it provides, and how it can… Read more »

Earning Customer Loyalty and How to Keep It

August 28th, 2018 | Posted by Vaspian
Importance of Customer Loyalty

A company’s worth and success are determined by its customers. So, it only makes sense that your main priority aside from making a high-quality product or service is customer loyalty—and sustaining it for the long-term. It’s easier said than done. There are many elements that go into building and nurturing your customers’ loyalty. Excellent customer… Read more »

Benefits of a Call Queueing System for Businesses

November 28th, 2016 | Posted by Vaspian

Vaspian has a call queueing system that is simple for businesses to use and can provide them with valuable information about incoming calls. If your business is often receiving multiple phone calls at once and you are struggling to answer them, a call queue can help your staff provide better and uninterrupted customer service to… Read more »